Vehicle inspections

Inspection Services New Zealand (ISNZ) conducts lease-end refurbishment inspections for a broad range of Fleet Managers.

Using electronic handheld inspection systems, qualified inspectors provide repair estimates at the time of inspection and simultaneously report the inspection result, complete with photos, back to the Fleet Manager.

ISNZ can assist Fleet Managers with the development of return standards, customer information kits and can facilitate vehicle changeover at the end of the lease period from both metro and regional locations throughout New Zealand.

Benefits of our inspections services include:

  • Independent assessments of vehicle return/handback condition
  • Arbitration facility for dispute resolution
  • Management reporting tools allowing Fleet Managers to track trends across the fleet
  • Assistance and advice on return standards and contractual conditions
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Enhanced customer confidence as a result of an impartial inspection of the vehicle