Terms and Conditions

When you apply to become a Registered Bidder, you are making representations to each member of the Manheim Group and also agreeing to the following important conditions. You should ensure you have read the Agreement prior to registering and making any bid at a Manheim Sale. If you bid at any Manheim Sale you will be subject to the Agreement.

Amendments in our Terms & Conditions for Online Bidding and Sales

Please take note of the following new term which is being added to Manheim’s TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR ONLINE BIDDING AND SALES. This is a new term that will only apply to Instant Salvage Items sold to a closed buyer group and does not have any impact on other online sales. This term takes effect on 19 July 2024.

1.1 By submitting a Bid on an Instant Salvage Item, you acknowledge and agree that:
1.1.1 Instant Salvage Items are available to a closed buyer group and are not available in a general public auction;
1.1.2 Instant Salvage Items are not available for inspection;
1.1.3 You may not directly contact the Seller of an Instant Salvage Item. All communication must be completed through Manheim;
1.1.4 Manheim (or its agent) will arrange the delivery of all Instant Salvage Items within 48 hours of receipt of payment in cleared funds. You agree that you will not arrange any type of collection, delivery and/or transport for any Instant Salvage Items;
1.1.5 You agree that you will be available at the time of delivery and that any costs incurred as a result of failed delivery will be billed to you;
1.1.6 You will be responsible for the costs of delivery of Instant Salvage Items and these costs will be added to your invoice;
1.1.7 Payment must be made within 24 hours of Manheim issuing the invoice;
1.1.8 If you fail to make payment within 24 hours of receipt of an invoice, Manheim reserves the right to terminate and/or cancel the Sale. Manheim’s total liability to you in respect of the cancellation of the Sale is limited to refunding you the amount actually paid by you where payment was made but was not received on time. If no payment was made, Manheim has no liability to compensate you for the cancellation of the Sale.
1.1.9 Any additional terms and conditions outlined in the promotional material (including online material) or in the Online Sales System or Invoice for an Instant Salvage Item form part of these Terms.

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Supplier Code of Conduct

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